As your Constable I will bring my experience, knowledge and leadership to make these points my priority for the citizens of precinct 2:  


  • To provide the highest level of security and professionalism for the safety of the Justice of the Peace Court, its personnel and visitors of the court.                                                                                           To execute all lawful orders issued by the Criminal and Civil sections of the District, County and the Justice of the Peace Courts. This includes, but is not limited too; lawsuits, judgments, seizures, evictions, notices and all other types of criminal and civil process.                                                                                                                                    

  • School Zone Safety 

    • Protecting our children and families, as they travel to and from school with school zone speed enforcement.


  • Crime Prevention Awareness Programs

    • Residential home inspections, Neighborhood watch and Cellular on Patrol. 

  • Senior Citizen Programs

    •  Providing awareness programs regarding fraud, elder abuse. Work in conjunction with Adult Protective Services, religious organizations and non-profits.

  • Teen Safety Programs

    • Cyber bullying, internet awareness, human trafficking of         teenagers and working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

  • Children's Progams

    • Stranger Danger, bike safety and working in conjunction with Child Protective Services

  • ​​​Business Safety Program -

    • Creation of a Business Watch Program, utilizing CPTED trained deputies (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design)

  • ​​Churches and Houses of Worship Safety Program

    • Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events(CRASE) training for parishioners and site security evaluations by CPTED trained deputies.

  • ​​Citizens Outreach Partnership Services

    • Effective partnerships between law enforcement the community groups, nonprofits, businesses, and private citizens.

It's imperative that the Constable's Office of Precinct 2:

TAKE ACTION and work in conjunction with partner law enforcement agencies.

TAKE ACTION and support our seniors, children, residential and business communities.

TAKE ACTION and become more fiscally responsible to our community by providing better service.

TAKING ACTION is what I will do for our community!